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Videos: Basketball Finishing School, Pt. II

February 11, 2016

The best offensive players at the professional and collegiate level have numerous options for finishing at the basket and the wherewithal to make tough judgment calls about how best to shoot — and that’s all with mounting pressure from defensive players and the shot clock running down. In our “tip of the week” videos, we explore individual finishing moves that every player should strive to perfect to be a strong finisher.

This week, the Pro Hop and layup get a closer look.

Pro Hop

This move is defined by a side leap that moves the basketball away from the defender. Be aware though, the Pro Hop is often mistaken as a travel, meaning execution needs to be precise.

The Layup

The seemingly straightforward layup requires a lot of nuance to get right. Hint: aim for the top of the square.

Don’t forgo practicing these staple finishing moves to improve your game at the rim. Stay tuned for more video tips coming soon and don’t forget to register for camp, where your youth athlete will receive personal instruction on skills like finishing and more.