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Videos: Basketball Finishing School, Pt. I

February 1, 2016

As players become more advanced — and get taller, stronger, and faster — it becomes more important to practice and perfect multiple ways of finishing at the basket. This is because the likelihood that players will attempt steals and blocks also grows. How can we position our offensive players to outsmart and outplay agile defenders eager to prevent baskets?

Great offensive players can rely on a toolbox of options for finishing at the basket. In our “tip of the week” videos, we explore individual finishing moves that every player should strive to perfect. This week, the inside hand finish, Rondo, and Euro Step are on deck.

Inside Hand Finish

To ace this type of layup, plant outside the block to get the necessary extension to avoid the reach of a defender’s block.

The Rondo

Take a page from the book of whip-smart Sacramento point guard Rajon Rondo and learn to counter the defender who starts to anticipate the inside hand finish.

The Euro Step

A thing of true beauty, the Eurostep or two-step uses misdirection and fast footwork to force the defender’s momentum away from the finish.

Practice, practice, practice makes perfect with these finishing moves. Stay tuned for more video tips coming soon and don’t forget to register for camp, where your youth athlete will receive personal instruction on skills like finishing and much, much more.