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Thank you for registering to participate in our 2022 Fall Classic.

The tournament will be held at:

St. James: Sports, Wellness, and Entertainment Center
6805 Industrial Road
Springfield, Virginia 22151

Roster Submission:  Each member of the team must complete the roster registration form and tournament waiver. Coaches, please provide each team member with the following link: PARTICIPANT ROSTER REGISTRATION LINK to complete their roster registration form and tournament waiver.

Team Check-In:

  • Coaches are to check in for the tournament 20 minutes before game time to pick up coaches’ bands.  Please note bands must be worn on the wrist of the coach or team parent for the entirety of the weekend. 
  • 3 Bands for the coaching staff. (Additional coaches’ bands can be purchased at check-in) Please note the Team Manager will be included in the 3 given bands.
  • Team Members must be in their uniform to enter.
  • Please have your team at the assigned court 15 minutes prior to game time. Games will start 5 minutes after the end of the previous game. There will not be a grace period for games to start.


  •  14-minute halves with a stopped clock
  • 20-point margin – the clock will run continuously
  • +/-20-point differential to break ties after head to head
  • 3-minute warm-up.
  • 2-minute Half Time
  • (3) 30 Second timeouts per game
  • 2-minute overtime period with a stopped clock
  • There will not be a grace period for games to start.
  • The Home team is listed first on the schedule.
  • The home team is responsible for the book.
  • Visiting team is responsible for the clock.
  • Bonus on the 10th Team Foul.
  • All participants (players, coaches, and spectators) are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

General Admission:

Admission Bands will be sold at the door and/or pre-ordered by clicking here.

Admission Bands are to be worn on the wrist. Bands are non-transferable or shared between individuals. Bands can be purchased with cash or a credit card (Master Card, Visa, or Discover). An individual will not be permitted reentry if a band is torn, ripped, or not worn on the wrist.

Admission Prices:

  1. Saturday Day Pass – $18
  2. Sunday Day Pass – $18
  3. Weekend Pass –   $30

Thank you again for participating in this weekend’s tournament. We look forward to great competition and games.

Again, thanks for choosing our tournament, and good luck this weekend! I look forward to seeing all of the games!