Staggered Set – Strong Side Wing

staggered set_Step 12 gets to the wing (showing two options). 1 hits 2 and runs a UCLA cut.

staggered set_Step 2

1 can post up if you have a big point guard. 3 pops to the wing.

staggered set_Step 3

1 sets a little-on-big screen. 4 then sets a down screen for screen action. 1 comes to high post for a shot.

In case 1 can’t get 2 the ball:

staggered set_V2

1 dribbles to the wing. 2 pops to the point. 3 releases to the wing after 2 catches the ball. 5 ducks in once 3 receives the ball.

Tight 4 – A good set to run vs. a 1-3-1

tight 4_Step 1

1 makes the wing play him (ignore the middle man). 3 can post up than pop out. 5 dives to the block. 4 flashes to the high post. 2 goes opposite wing.

tight 4_Step 2

3 can hit the 5 man on low block, 4 at high post, or 2 opposite. 3 can also reverse to 1.

tight 4_Step 3

1 attacks middle to reverse ball to 2. Then continue with the same action as other side.