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Below are the highlighted plays for the week, including how to score with 10 seconds left on the clock, what to do when you need a three, and the high flex cut/dribble hand-off.

Time and Score with 10 Seconds Left

time and score play 10seconds left

***Action started at 10 seconds left on the clock***

1 dribbles toward the middle of the floor. 4 cuts through and stops momentarily at the right block, then cuts out to the corner. 5 walks up the lane toward the elbow area. 3 cuts to the wing to receive the pass from 1. 2 rotates up to the wing. After passing to 3, 1 cuts through to the opposite corner.

 time and score play 10seconds left_2

As 1 is cutting through to the corner (after passing to 3) 5 sprints to a wing ball screen for 3. 4 can cut to the basket on 3’s penetration, or spot up in the corner.

1st Option: 3 uses 5’s ball screen and penetrates to the rim to score.

2nd Option: 3 kicks out to 2, 1, or 4 spotting up for the open shot on the perimeter.

3rd Option: 3 passes to 4 cutting to the rim, or 5 rolling back to the rim after setting the ball screen.

Need a Three

Need a three

1 comes off the stack screen for a shot in the corner.

Need a three_2

1 dribbles hard towards the top of the key while 2 and 5 move to middle of the lane to set a double zipper cut for 3. As soon as 3 clears 2, 2 curls around 4 to the corner.

Need a three_3

5 relocates for off-side rebound.

High Flex Cut/Dribble Hand-Off

High Flex dribble hand off

1 passes to 2 to initiate the offense. 5 sets a back screen for 1, who cuts to the rim and clears it to the corner.

High Flex dribble hand off_2

3 uses a flex screen from 5. 2 passes to 5.

High Flex dribble hand off_3

2 takes the hand-off from 5 and drives to the basket. At the same time, 1 comes off a double screen from 3 and 4 as an additional option for 2 for the kick out if/when the defenses collapses on the drive.