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Below are the highlighted plays and drill for the week: Special vs. Zone Defense, the Chair Drill, and 1-on-1 Lane Containment.

Special vs. Zone

By Michael Hibbs

Special v Zone Pt 1

1. Start in a 1-2-2 set vs. zone with an odd or an even front zone defense. 1 takes it to a side (should be where your best shooter is – in this case it is the 2 man) and hit the 2 man who dribbles towards the corner. 5 (strong side post) steps out to a spot just inside the 3-point line. 4 (opposite post) flashes high to the ball side elbow.

Special v Zone Pt 2
2. 2 throws back to 1 who dribbles towards the opposite elbow. As he passes the 4 man, the 4 man steps outside the 3-point line.

Special v Zone Pt 3

3. 2 slides down the corner as 1 hits the elbow area. 1 turns away from the defense and hits the 4 man. On the pass from 1 to 4, the 5 man screens the bottom man on the zone. 4 then hits 2 for a 3 point shot. If the bottom man on the zone gets out ahead of the screen the 5 man will be open.

The reason this play works is because of the misdirection in the play. The zone moves with the 1 man’s dribble to the opposite elbow and then we get a throw back to the opposite side.

Chair Drill

By Michael Hibbs

1 on 1 Chair DrillThis drill is high intensity and quick. We generally go for about 5 minutes total.

There are 2 lines at each corner of the court. The first two players in each of the offense lines have a ball.

The offense line is inside while the defense line is outside.

The offense goes one the guy in front of them shoots at the other end.

The offense dribbles the ball outside of the chair directly in front of them on their side of half court and then crosses over at half to the outside side of the opposite chair.

The offense continues to go, trying to score at the rim – we do not want them to shoot jumpers in this drill and let the defensive man off the hook.

The defense sprints outside the chair directly in front of him on his side of half and then crosses over to the outside of the opposite chair at half court. He then must look to pick up the ball outside the 3-point line.

They will then play 1-on-1 to the basket using our defensive principles.

Since we have the next group going once a shot is put up by the previous group, we only allow one attempt to score by the offensive player.

1-On-1 Lane Containment

By David Houston III

1 on 1 lane containmentOBJECTIVE: Improve ball-handling in a tight space & improve defensive footwork.

Boundaries are the lane lines. Offense starts with the ball between the free throw line and top of key. Defense begins an arm’s distance away from offense.

Offense’s goal is to beat the defense to the baseline in 6 seconds without going outside the lane lines or turning your back to the defense while dribbling. Defensive goal is to force offense outside the lane lines or don’t get beat to the baseline in 6 seconds. You can progress drill to have offense finish with a one-footed lay-up.