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Feeding a Positive Culture: It all comes down to ME vs WE

January 11, 2017

Me vs. WeA big word we use with our team during the season and with our team of coaches at camp is the term ‘culture.’  Culture is the atmosphere and the approach of the team trying to accomplish a common goal.  Small things lead to a positive culture within a team, and small things lead to a negative culture.  We call them ME moves vs. WE moves.  As a player be honest with yourself each day if you were a part of WE or a part of ME.   If we can get everyone to feed the WE with these little things than the bigger things become easy to accomplish.


  • Sprinting to pick a teammate up after they are on the floor
  • Showing passion for a teammates good play
  • Standing up and cheering for a good play while on the bench
  • Diving on the floor for a loose ball
  • Taking a charge
  • Making the extra pass
  • Looking a coach in the eye while being corrected
  • A positive word after a teammate makes a mistake
  • Focusing on what you control
  • Making the most of your playing time
  • Being happy for your teammates when they play well
  • Treating each practice as game
  • Being on time
  • Being focused and ready to give your best
  • Looking for the best in others
  • Be confident in your role and give your best to perform that role
  • Being confident in what WE do in the face of adversity-No Fear.
  • Keeping the game simple by letting the play make itself
  • Compete on every possession
  • Be consistent
  • Do the little things that help your team win-rebound, defend, run the floor, set screens
  • Play slow with the ball in your hands
  • Make players around you better
  • Be interested in growing every day


  • Hanging your head after a mistake by a teammate or yourself
  • Having mental baggage aver the last play
  • Slowly walking to the bench when you are subbed out
  • Pulling jersey out as your walk to the end of the bench
  • Not being ready to give your best
  • Bad body language – slumped shoulders, head down looking at the ground after a mistake
  • Not slapping a teammate or a coach a high five when they extend their hand
  • Not knowing/ Lack of execution of a play
  • Looking only to score for yourself
  • Showing up late
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Complain about playing time
  • Complain about officials/ bad body language to a referee’s call
  • Playing outside of your role
  • Looking what is best for you rather than what is best for team
  • Not being coachable- not looking a coach in the eye
  • Not following a leader who is trying to bring team together
  • Not taking care of the little things – thinking it is only the ‘big shot’ that is important
  • Playing not to make a mistake or not to miss
  • Lack of IQ and understanding on what the team is trying to accomplish
  • Trying to distract others and blame others when held accountable
  • Be concerned only with your stats and not with the team’s success
  • Losing control of your emotions