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Bishop O' Connell High School
6600 Little Falls Road
Arlington, VA 22213
TuitionDeposit Required
Nov 15 - Dec 25$250$170
Dec 26 - Mar 1$260$170
Mar 2 - Apr 1 $265$170
After April 1$270$170

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Sessions and Extended Care.
Session #1, July 23 - July 27
Session #2 July 30 - August 3
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I give permission for my child to take more then one dose of over-counter medications(s) (pain reliever, antacid, cough meds, etc.). The camp stocks these medications so there is no need to send them to camp.
I hereby give permission to Coach Wootten’s Basketball, LLC., its officers, employees, agents, trainers, and staff members to take whatever action is necessary for the health and welfare of my child including consenting on my behalf to any and all medical treatment, procedures, operations and/or hospitalizations and I further agree to hold them harmless and indemnify them for all medical bills incurred for the treatment of my child. I understand that basketball is a very physical sport and which can result in serious injury. I hold Coach Wootten’s Basketball, LLC., its officers employees, agents, trainers and staff members harmless and hereby release them from liability for any injury to my child while attending the camp.