Immunization Records are required to participate:

All campers must submit a current immunization record. Please submit forms to us via email or fax (1-866-524-3059) before June 19, 2020.

Medication Policy:

Campers are not permitted to keep any medications including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, and topical creams and ointments on their person or in their dormitory room.

  • If you have a camper who requires daily medication or occasional over-the-counter medication, please check in with the medical staff at registration check-in.
  • If your child has a food allergy or sensitivity, we will put you in contact with the  David Glen, Dining Hall Services, and you can discuss the menu provided in the Dining Hall. FSU dining hall is a NUT FREE environment. However, the campus is NOT a NUT-FREE environment.

Prescription or Non-Prescription:

  • Campers who take over the counter or prescription medication must submit a Medication Administration Authorization form mandated by the state of  Maryland. Please note only prescription medications need to have a physician’s signature. Over the counter medications only need to have the parent/guardian’s signature.
  • Download the Medication Administration Authorization Form here.
    • All medication must be in the original container with the camper’s name and DOB on the prescriptive label. We are not permitted to accept medications in a weekly/daily generic pill dispenser.
    • Please bring two sets of emergency medications. One set will remain with the camper. The second set will remain with our medical staff as a backup set.

Specific Medical Condition Action Plan Forms:

Please return all forms to our Medical Staff via:

  • Fax – 1-866-524-3059
  • Email –
  • Post Mail:
    • November 15- June 1 –  330 Ayr Hill, Ave NE | Vienna, VA 22180
    • June 1 – July 15 –  PO BOX 282 | Frostburg, MD 21532