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Is Coach Wootten really at camp?
Yes, he is at camp 24/7.  He eats in the dining hall and sleeps in the dorms!  He teaches EVERY DAY!

How many kids can share a room? 
Campers can request who is in their room, who is next door, across the hall, etc.  All requests match up. If you want to be a group in a room block you must create a group name and tell everyone in your room block to use the group name on their registration form.  Campers can room two (2) or three (3) in a room.

How do you divide the kids up?
We initially divide them by age and birth year about the campers at camp during their session.  After the first set of evaluation games and skill sets, the campers are then moved based on skill to the appropriate league. Campers can also be moved into their initially assigned league to balance out the teams. We can not guarantee friend team requests but can ensure league requests.

What is the ratio of staff to campers?  1:8

When is the medical form due? 
The camper’s emergency medical forms are due at the time of registration. Medication Authorization Forms and Immunization Records are due by June 15.

When is the cut-off date for signing up? 
You can sign up as long as the weeks are open.  Week #2 fills up first (usually around April 1st.)  Weeks #4 and #5 are the next to fill (usually around April 15th)

Can I get more than one discount? 
Yes, you get as many discounts as you qualify for, even if it is all of them!

Is there a place for campers to keep their money at camp? 
Yes, Frostburg State University issues  ID cards to every camper.  This is the card that gets them into the dining hall.  We give them a lanyard to keep it on.  You can “deposit” money on their card, and they can use it everywhere the campers can spend money. (the book store, the food court, the snow cone stand, and even the soda machines).

To withdraw any funds left on the card you can do so at 2:30 pm on the last day of camp next to the camp store. Any money not collected by the camper/parent will be returned via check in the name of the camp. A $10.00 processing fee is applied to the camper’s account. Any funds under $10.00 will not be returned.

The ID Card issued by Frostburg State University is the same card that they will use as their meal card. Each camper is guaranteed dinner on the first day of camp, three meals a day for three days of camp, breakfast, and lunch on the last day of camp.

What is your Tax ID#: 522101797

Can I change the weeks once I have registered? 
Yes, you can always switch weeks, so long as the week you want is still open.  There is no penalty for changing weeks.

How do I sign up for the bus? 
If you register online, you can include your transportation request as you register.  If you have already registered and would like to add transportation, email, or call us to add transportation.

When registering for the bus, please note that it is  NON-REFUNDABLE. The fee to reserve the bus is taken from your initial deposit.

What is your refund policy?

The tuition deposit minus a $50.00 per session registered processing fee is refundable until March 1st.

Transportation and Bridge Day tuition is a non-refundable fee.

If there is an injury before camp, a medical credit minus a $50.00 per session registered processing fee will be issued for events between August 1, 2023, and August 1, 2024, with a note from the diagnosing physician. A doctor’s note must be submitted before the start of camp. Medical credits will not be issued if a note or notification is submitted after the start of the camp. 2022 camp medical credits expire on August 1, 2024.

If the state/federal government/agencies prohibit the operations of the camp due to a natural disaster, pandemic, or unforeseen situation campers will be offered a credit for the amount paid for the summer 2024 camp or a refund of the amount paid minus a $50.00 processing fee.

When is the balance due?  June 15th

When will you send out confirmation? 
Confirmation emails are sent immediately upon registration online. An arrival information email (including directions, what to bring, etc.) will be sent out in May. They will include a link to pay your balance due.

Can my camper bring snacks to camp? 
Yes, they will have a microwave, fridge, freezer unit in their room.  Many campers bring Gatorade, water, microwave popcorn, etc.

Can my camper bring an iPod, Gameboy, cell phone, etc.? 
Campers can bring these at their risk.  We suggest they keep them in their locked room. Electronics and Cell Phones are NOT permitted during camp activities. They can only be used during the camper’s free time. Campers are asked to leave all electronics and phones in their locked dorm rooms.

Are the rooms air-conditioned? Yes.

Are there phones available for the camper’s use? 
There are two phones in the lobby of each dorm.  They should be prepared to call long distances (calling card, collect, etc.)

Can I call my camper? 
You can call our office at any time.  We can bring your camper to the phone immediately or get them a message to call in their next free period.

Any other questions? Contact us at