The tuition payment minus a $50.00 processing fee is refundable until March 1st.

Transportation and Bridge Day tuitions are non-refundable fee.

If there is an injury before camp, a medical credit minus a $50.00 processing fee will be issued for the 2021 summer camp with a note from the diagnosing physician. A doctor’s note must be submitted seven days before the start of camp. Medical credits will not be issued if note or notification is submitted after the start of camp.

If an emergency or injury takes place within seven days of the start of camp, you must notify us immediately of your need to withdraw from camp and a note must be issued within 48 hours to the start of camp. A credit will be issued once a note from a diagnosi1ng physician is submitted.

Medical credits cannot be redeemed for cash.

Medical credits expire on June 1, 2021.