Each day:

  • Campers should wear a light t-shirt, shorts, & basketball shoes
  • Lunch in an insulated bag or lunch money (approximately $8.00)
  • There will be snacks, water, and Gatorade sold throughout the day.
  • Please apply sunscreen to your child before they leave home each morning.


Camp Bank The campers can deposit money into the camp bank, which can be used towards the purchase of their lunch or any snacks and drinks throughout the week. Deposits can be made on Monday or any morning before the camp day begins. It is the camper’s responsibility to withdraw any money left over on Friday at the end of camp.

Discipline We encourage an atmosphere of fun, but we also insist on respect toward one another and the camp leaders. Any disrespect towards staff members or behavior deemed detrimental to the group will result in immediate dismissal from camp without a refund.