Does Coach Wootten doing any of the teachings at camp?
Yes, Coach Wootten supervises all of the instruction each day. He teaches all of the fundamentals to each league of campers.

How do you divide the campers up?
At the start of camp, campers are divided by birth year into leagues. After the first set of evaluation games and skill sets, campers are then moved according to skill level. We will also move campers within leagues to balance out teams. We do not guarantee team requests but will ensure league requests. Registering as a group does not guarantee that your campers will be on the same team. It is only for the discount purpose.

How many campers are assigned to one staff member?
There is an 8:1 ratio of campers to staff.

When do I have to sign up by?
As soon as possible. The last two summers we have not been able to take another camper after April 1.

Can I get more than one discount?
Yes, you get as many discounts as you are eligible for.

How do I register as a group?
Tell everyone in the group to register themselves and make sure they write the correct group name (you make up the name). This will qualify them for the group discount. Please note that the group name must match exactly.

Is there a place for the campers to keep their lunches at camp?
Yes, each league is assigned a classroom where they keep their lunches and backpacks. Please make sure to keep lunches in an insulated bag with the camper’s name on the outside of the bag.

Is there a place for the campers to keep money at camp?
We have a camp bank for our campers to deposit and withdraw money from. At the beginning of the week, the campers can deposit money in the camp bank. They will need a password to withdraw their money. At any free time during the day campers can withdraw and deposit money into the bank. They will need a password to withdraw their money. The remaining money must be removed on Friday. It will not be mailed home or carried over to the next week.

What is your TAX ID number?    541992384

Can I change weeks once I have registered?
Yes, you must submit your change request in writing either via email or post mail. The changes will be made as long as there is space available in the week that you are seeking the change to. There is no penalty for switching weeks.

Is there a refund policy? 

    • The $190.00 tuition deposit is non-refundable.
    • The Supervised shoot around and transportation fees are not–refundable
    • Any money paid after the deposit is refundable until July 15.
    • If you are requesting a refund due to illness or injury, please submit a doctor’s note along with a refund request in writing seven days before the start of camp. A medical credit minus a $50.00 process fee will be issued.
    • In the event of an emergency and an injury or illness happens within seven days of the start of camp, please notify us immediately followed by a doctor’s note.
    • Medical credits will not be issued if note or notification is submitted after the start of camp. Medical credits cannot be redeemed for cash.

When is the balance due?
Balance payments are due before July 1

Do you accept credit card?
Yes, Master Card or Visa

When will we get a confirmation that the camper is in camp?
Confirmation letters are sent out once we receive your application and deposits. Please keep your confirmation letters as receipts of payment for flexible spending and taxes.

Can campers be grouped with their friends or teammates?
As long as the campers are the same age they will be in the same league at camp. They will eat lunch and do everything together. They just may not be on the same team.

When can I sign up for the extended care?
If you request the extended care when you submit your application, there is a discounted fee of $40.00 per week for AM/PM, $25.00 per week for AM, and $30.00 per week for PM. Shootaround fees are non-refundable. You can, however, sign up your camper daily for the shootaround for a fee of $10.00 per hour.

Can parents come to camp and watch?
Yes, we love to have parents watch camp. We ask that you do not interrupt any of the teaching sessions or activity sessions.

Can campers check in and out of camp?
Yes, they need to check in and out through our camp office located in the cafeteria. This will allow us to keep your child at the main campus if we know that you will be signing him early or to have you go directly to the other gymnasium and check him out through his league commissioner. If you are dropping off your son after 9:30 am we ask that you call beforehand so we can have you come directly to the main campus at O’Connell High School or go directly to the other gymnasium and check him in through his league commissioner. Campers who need to check out early must be picked up before 3:00 PM. There will not early check out after 3:00 PM.

Can campers miss one day but return the next? 
Yes, we ask that if your camper is absent for any reason, that you notify the camp office as soon as possible.

Any other questions? Please contact us at