February 24, 2016

Breaking Through as a Basketball Player: Tips for Getting There

You’ve been working on your shot, or a new finish at the rim, or your crossover — and it seems like you’ll never get there. Where is “there”? The next level… when everything clicks. How do you get to that next level? It seems elusive. It can be frustrating. Here are my three keys for […]

February 1, 2016

Videos: Basketball Finishing School, Pt. I

As players become more advanced — and get taller, stronger, and faster — it becomes more important to practice and perfect multiple ways of finishing at the basket. This is because the likelihood that players will attempt steals and blocks also grows. How can we position our offensive players to outsmart and outplay agile defenders […]

January 27, 2016

Building a Legacy and Making a Positive Impact

Why do we coach? Coach Morgan Wootten would say, “so that we have the opportunity to touch people’s lives. But Coach Morgan was also one of the greatest competitors in the game. He wanted his teams to be successful. He wanted to win, and he always believed that competing to win was a life skill.